Crystal Report Support/Consulting

Crystal Training Source has specialized in Crystal Reports support since 1998 for versions 8.5,9,10,11,2008,2011, 2013 and 2016.

Support Policy

Support is limited to specific Crystal Report questions/issues only. There are 3 types of support that we offer:

*** We reserve the right to change support policies at any time without notice ***

Procedures for Free Email Support

Free email based support (6 Months) as follows:

Procedures for Paid Support Incidents

Paid Support Incidents - good up to 6 months after registering (available when registering for a class or promotion). You email us your Crystal Report that has issues with your live data. Conditions:

Follow Paid Support instructions below:

  1. Open up Crystal Report that has issues
  2. Preview the Report
  3. Please limited the number of records to reduce the size of the report. Use Select Expert to limit the number of records
  4. Select the Menu option - File/Save Data with Report
  5. Note: Save Data with Report (should have a checkmark on the left) before you do a File/Save As. If not, go back to step 4
  6. Select the Menu option - File/Save As (name your report)
  7. Attach this report to your email
  8. In the email, please indicate:
  9. Your Crystal Reports Version (File/Help/About) 8.5,9,10,11,2008,2011, 2013 or 2016

    A brief narrative of your problem

    If applicable, attach or describe an example of what it should be (Use Excel or Print Screen)

  10. Student must email their support issues/questions to:

Procedures for Remote Support/Consulting

Please contact our office to setup consulting.

Call us at the telephone number above should you have any questions.

We appreciate your business!

*** We reserve the right to change support policies at any time without notice ***

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